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November 2022

Three Dental implant

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants in Fairfield County CT

It used to be the case that dental patients missing one or more teeth had few practical options for resolving the difficulties caused by missing teeth. Removable dentures used to be the best option for those who were missing many teeth, but these were uncomfortable and made eating certain types of foods next to impossible. Today, patients can, instead, look into Dental Implants in Fairfield County CT that offer a long-lasting and practical alternative to dentures. Read on to find out more.

Who is a Good Candidate for Implants?

Patients of all ages can benefit from dental implants in Fairfield County CT if they are missing teeth due to injury, disease, or decay. Older patients looking for a more practical solution than removable dentures often stand to gain the most from this procedure, though. A patient’s ability to successfully recuperate from the implant procedure depends on factors such as current dental health and overall medical history, so patients must schedule consultations with their oral surgeons before beginning the implant process to decide if it’s the right solution.

What is Required for Dental Implants to Function?

Patients who do not have enough bone to support implants will often find they are not good candidates for this type of surgery. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no way they can have implants. Oral surgeons can perform additional procedures to correct bone deficiencies before beginning the implant procedure, allowing more patients to take advantage of this technologically advanced solution to missing teeth.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

Every patient’s needs are a little bit different, so it’s hard to pin down an exact timeline for completing treatment. Most patients will require at least two appointments: one to surgically implant the metal post in their jaw and another to install a permanent crown. Patients should consult their oral surgeons regarding what to expect from this procedure prior to heading in for surgery.

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