Types Of Restorative Dentistry In Birmingham MI

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Dental Care

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist. Whether it’s anxiety or the lack of insurance, it tends to cause them to fall into a pit of unbelievably poor dental health. Luckily, thanks to incredible advances in dentistry, dentists can do miraculous things to restore your teeth back to a state of beauty. If you don’t care for the smile you see when you look into the mirror, take a look at what restorative dentistry in Birmingham MI can do for you.


Are you missing one or more teeth in your mouth? Well, thanks to restorative dentistry in Birmingham MI, you can do something about it. Using false teeth and crowns, your smile can be restored to its original beauty.

Composite Bonding

Cracking or chipping your teeth can happen anytime throughout your life. All it can take is one popcorn, and your tooth is broken. Fortunately, composite bonding is an unbelievable part of restorative dentistry. Using a chemical bond, a composite compound is applied to your tooth, making it look as good as new.


Unfortunately, there are some people that have such advanced dental issues that there is only one kind of restorative dentistry that can be used. If you’re missing a significant number of teeth, or if you’re suffering from bone or gum loss, then your only option may be to get dentures put in. Visit DiPilla Robert, DDS to find out how you can achieve a natural looking smile in almost no time at all.

The fact that you’ve neglected your teeth in the past doesn’t mean that you’re at a total loss. Speak to your dentist as soon as possible to discuss your options for restorative dentistry in Birmingham MI. You can have a beautiful smile again, so there’s no need to wait another moment. Make an appointment with DiPilla Robert, DDS today.