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September 2020

Three Dental implant

Ask the Dentist in Philadelphia About Dental Implants

People that feel self-conscious about their smiles are often missing some of their natural teeth. Cavities, gum disease, and injuries can all wreak havoc in a person’s mouth and often lead to tooth loss. While dentists can make denture partials for a patient, these are not permanent and often do not look entirely natural. Through years of research, dental science has now come up with a permanent solution for missing their teeth. The Dentist in Philadelphia can replace a person’s missing teeth with dental implants and give them back their beautiful smile.

Dental implants in Philadelphia look completely natural because of the unique way they are put in place. Going into the jawbone, the dentist will screw a titanium anchor in the bone. This anchor is the most critical aspect of the implant because it acts as the new tooth’s root system. Titanium is the only metal that can bond with the bone tissue. This bonding process takes place over months. If a person is in good health, they will typically reach full bonding within six months. The younger a person is, the faster this process will proceed.

The next phase of the process involves the dentist placing the crown portion of the implant. This is the actual tooth portion that is seen above the gum tissue. Once the crown is put in place, the patient’s smile is complete. They will be able to smile with confidence and chew their food normally. Since the implant becomes a permanent part of their smile, they no longer have to worry about feeling embarrassed about their appearance. If proper care is given, an implant tooth can last a lifetime.

The Dentist in Philadelphia will educate his patient on caring for the implant, so problems do not arise. If damage occurs, a repair procedure can be performed. The crown of the implant is typically the only part of the implant that becomes damaged. Should it be damaged, the dentist can replace the crown.

If you want to learn more about dental implants and how they can dramatically impact your life, contact Absolute Smile. They will be happy to help people overcome their tooth loss and have a restored smile.