Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is a Better Choice

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Dental, Dental Care

There are many teeth whitening products on the market today. People spend hundreds of dollars every year trying to get their teeth whitened with over the counter solutions. Sadly, the effects are often lackluster. There are some clear differences between professional teeth whitening and shop bought products. Here are just a few.

Professional Whitening Is More Powerful

Over the counter solutions may be able to remove the superficial staining but to take care of the deep stains that build up over the years, you may need the help of the pros. Dental professionals use stronger products than those available from the store and ensure that the results uniform and meet your expectations.

It’s Fast

In Burlington, you can get amazing results after just one hour in a dental chair. The superior strength of the products used as well as the refined techniques get you desired results—and quickly. With over the counter solutions, you can complete teeth whitening treatments, again and again, spending hours and hours, and see little to no results.

The Treatment is Customized

When you whiten your teeth with over the counter products, you’re dealing with a one size fits all approach. There’s the assumption that what works for one person is going to be ideal for everyone else. This is not true, however. Professional teeth whitening home kits have custom trays that ensure even whitening gel distribution. The whitening treatment performed in the dental practice does not require trays, as the gel is applied directly to your teeth. The dental professional can ensure even application and adjust the treatment time accordingly to the current shade of your teeth and their sensitivity.

It Is Safer

Over the counter procedures can irritate your teeth and gums, leaving you with general sensitivity or sensitivity to certain foods. With professional teeth whitening in the Burlington area, your gums are protected, and the person performing the treatment keeps a careful eye on your teeth and gums, giving you the confidence that the procedure is both effective and safe.

In Burlington, you can connect with Fielding Dental Healthcare for all of your dental needs, including teeth whitening. With over 35 years of experience, you can expect exceptional dental care and superior customer service. They can be reached online at Websirte or via the phone.